I Want to Give You $500! (Yes, Really!)

FHA LoansRead to the end of this post and I may send YOU a check for $500!

I Have Paid Thousands!  Through the years I have spent several thousands of dollars on advertising. 

  • I have paid to advertise in the newspaper
  • I have paid to advertise in school bulletins
  • I have paid to advertise with other local businesses and
  • I have paid to advertise through social media 
Sometimes this advertising works. . .

                                                               . . . and sometimes it doesn’t work! 

The Best Advertising:  As my business has matured over the past several years, I have found that the BEST way to grow my business is through referrals from existing relationships.

I appreciate all of the wonderful referrals that I have received.  A new client who comes to me through a referral from a mutual relationship is usually one of my favorite clients to work with! 

Your Friends Will Thank You (And so will I):  If you worked with me and had a positive result, tell your friends that you know a great Realtor and give them my contact information.  I will always provide your friends and family with the same uncompromising representation that you received.  Everyone appreciates a great referral!

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Spending My Advertising Budget:  I have an advertising budget that I spend every year.  My goal, as it is with any advertising, is to attract the highest number of new clients with the advertising budget that I have allocated.

After discussing advertising strategies with my consultants and advisers, and after careful consideration, I have decided to try a different approach to advertising in 2015. 

Here’s Where You Come In:  Sometimes people need a little extra motivation to do something wonderful!  Here is that Motivation:  I would rather pay YOU a referral fee for a great referral than spend money on hit and miss advertising to attract a mediocre new client. 

Your Referral is a Win Win Win: 

  1. Help Your Friends = Win #1
  2. Help Me to Grow My Business = Win #2
  3. You Receive a $500 Referral Check = Win #3

Here Are the Details:  If you know someone who is thinking about buying or selling a house:

  1. You May:  Give them my contact information.  Then call me or send me an email and let me know that you referred a prospective new client. 
  1. Or:  Give them the address to my house buying website (FindMyNewHouse.com) or to my house selling website (SoCalHouseValue.com). 

Your referral will name you as the referral source on the contact form. (You should still call or email and let me know your referral’s name so that I can keep an eye out for them.)

  1. Then:  When your referral closes escrow, I will send you a check for $500 or make a $500 donation in your name to the charity of your choice. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or if you would like any additional information.  I am ALWAYS available for you and for your referrals!

At Bregman Properties, whether you are buying OR selling, we will do whatever is necessary to make your real estate transaction a success!

Bregman Properties is your neighborhood specialist.  We are available to answer your questions, to provide advice and to negotiate your real estate transaction with your best interest as our primary focus.  We are always ready to provide you with outstanding representation for all of your real estate related needs.  “Experience the Difference”

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