Residential Marketing Plan

What to Expect When Your House is Listed for Sale

There are several things to keep in mind when you list your property for sale.

A property receives the most attention from other real estate agents, and the buying public, within the first couple of weeks after it is listed in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

It is imperative that your property is listed at an appropriate asking price during this crucial period. Careful attention should be paid to the Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) that you will receive from your real estate professional. By examining the CMA, you and your real estate agent should be able to ascertain an appropriate asking price for your property.

The next step is to sign a Listing Agreement which authorizes your real estate professional to act as your agent and represent your interests in the sale of your property.

So that your agent can perform to the best of their ability, it will be necessary for you to allow your agent, and even an agent that represents a potential buyer, liberal access to your property. You will want to make showing your property to potential buyers as simple and hassle free as possible.

To achieve easy access to your property, your agent will affix (with your permission) a special real estate lock box containing a key to your property in a convenient location. Don’t worry! The lock box can only be opened by using a sophisticated electronic “key”. Only a licensed real estate professional who is bound to uphold the highest standards of professionalism will be able to access the key to your property.

Your real estate agent will also ask for permission to place a “For Sale” sign on your property. This lets everyone who passes by know that your property is on the market. It also makes it easy for potential buyers and their agents to locate your property.

Advertising is another important component in the sale process. Your agent should advertise your property in at least one major local newspaper on a regular basis. Another increasingly common forum for real estate advertising is on the internet. There are many real estate oriented websites that your agent should utilize to advertise your property. Any open house should also be advertised in the local newspaper and on the internet.

Your agent will want to have a “broker open” house within the first couple of days that your property is listed in the MLS. This is an opportunity for your agent to show your property to other agents who may have a buyer for your property.

Your broker may also want to host open houses for the general public. These open houses are a great opportunity for the neighbors and “lookie-Lous” to get inside and satisfy their curiosity. Who knows, perhaps one of the neighbors has a friend or family member looking to buy a house in their neighborhood.

And finally, if there is ever a time that you are not pleased, or feel uncomfortable, with any aspect of the sale or marketing process, ALWAYS make it a priority to discuss your concerns with your agent. Open and honest communication between a seller and their agent will make for a smooth and relatively stress free real estate transaction. It is important that you and your agent are both members of the same team