What Every Seller Must Know

Thinking About Selling Your House?
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First – Don’t Get Stuck!
Some real estate agents will say and promise ANYTHING to get you to list your house with them. If you sign a listing agreement and you are not satisfied with the service that you (and your listing) receive, you should be able to CANCEL THAT LISTING AGREEMENT so that you are free to work with a different real estate agent. (
Top 3 complaints about real estate agents: Click Here)

Solution – Avoid the Real Estate Agent Lemon!
DO NOT list your house with any real estate agent who will not give you a SIGNED CANCELLATION FORM when you sign the listing agreement. A signed cancellation form is your guarantee that you will not get stuck with a “real estate agent lemon!”  Read More

Second – The Price is Right!
Your house must be priced correctly from day one. Some real estate agents will overstate the likely sale price of your property just to get your listing. Example: “I will list your house for $900,000” when similar houses in your neighborhood have recently sold for around $750,000. BEWARE! This real estate agent will want to discuss a price reduction pretty quickly!

Solution – Correct Pricing Matters!
Learn about “The Pricing Game” that many agents use to get your listing. Learn how this deceptive pricing game can hurt your bottom line. Read More

A real estate agent “sugar coating” the truth never sold a house.
You will ALWAYS hear our honest opinion about your real estate transaction.

Finally – Knowledge IS Power!
Know what to expect when your house is listed for sale. The more you know about the sale and marketing process the better equipped you will be to recognize a potential problem before it impacts your sale. A knowledgeable seller helps a good real estate agent do a great job!

Solution – Have A Plan! Any agent you hire must have a comprehensive Marketing Plan that outlines specific actions he or she will take to get your house sold. Know what to expect from your real estate agent BEFORE you sign a listing agreement!

I Will Be There For You… space space
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I Will Guide You Through the Sale Process
and Exceed Your Expectations Along the Way!

From preparing your home to sell for the highest possible price, to evaluating and countering purchase offers. From coordinating all of the various inspectors and repair people, to making sure that you the seller are protected. I will be with you every step of the way to insure that all of the required seller disclosures are provided to the buyer and that all of the necessary paperwork is complete. My highest priority is to make sure that the sale of your home progresses smoothly to a successful close of escrow!

Is Your House Ready?
I enjoy working with my hands as a hobby and have an extensive background in residential renovation and remodeling. (Click Here to see some of my hands on pictures.) I can help you evaluate the overall strengths, and weaknesses, of your home and suggest simple, yet very effective, cosmetic enhancements that will make your home show its best side. Here is a tool that will help you evaluate your home’s condition and the impact that small home repairs will make on your final sale price.

Stage it! Stage it! Stage it!
It is a fact! Staged homes, on average, sell faster and for a higher price. Take a look at this professional’s “before” and “after” pictures Click Here. As you can see, a well staged home will allow a potential buyer to envision your home’s full potential. An old real estate adage says: “The cost of staging a home is ALWAYS cheaper than the first price reduction”

You may not need to hire a professional to make your house show its best side. You may well be able to achieve a fantastic “staged” look by using the pieces that you already have in your house. I can make suggestions and help you arrange your house to get that “Pottery Barn” feel that every buyer likes!

Market it & Sell it!
And finally, all of the preparation in the world will not get your home sold if nobody knows that it is for sale. I will provide Very Aggressive Marketing tactics to insure that your property receives maximum exposure to the buying public.

Money in Your Pocket
When you sell your home, the bottom line counts! To help calculate the proceeds from the sale,
click here for a “What’s Left After the Sale” calculator.

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“In Our Client’s Best Interest, All of the Time, Without Exception”

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