Get a FREE A/C Tune Up! (LADWP A/C Optimization Program)

If LADWP is Your Utility Provider You MUST Take Advantage of This Program!


A Government Giveaway!  Unfortunately, this program is ONLY available to Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) customers.  I am NOT AT ALL a fan of government giveaways.  If the government is GIVING something away to you they must have TAKEN something from someone else.  Be that as it may, if the government is going to give away “free” stuff, MY CLIENTS should have the opportunity to get some of it!

As part of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power AC Optimization Program, $4.5 million has been set aside to pay for air conditioner tune-ups for residential AND for business AC owners in fiscal year 2016.  The article below outlines the program and gives YOU the information that you need to take advantage of this government giveaway program. 


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Thousands sign up for LADWP’s
free air conditioning tune-up program

By Gregory J. Wilcox, Los Angeles Daily News

Two thousand customers have signed up for a Los Angeles Department of Water and Power program to help them keep cool in the hot summer months.

The LADWP’s “AC Optimization Program” offers a chance for residential and commercial customers to get their air conditioning systems tuned up — for free. But with 1.4 million electric customers — according to the utility’s website — 2,000 applications isn’t exactly a flood of participants.

At the urging of Los Angeles City Councilman Bob Blumenfield, the LADWP budgeted $4.5 million this fiscal year to pay for the program, said David Jacot, director of efficiency solutions for the utility.

The program, which was announced in March and kicked off in July, includes a system performance diagnostic test, a new air filter, cleaning of the outdoor coils, refrigerant check and adjustment if needed. The LADWP also offers financial assistance toward a smart programmable thermostat. (A wireless or mobile internet connection is required for this part of the program).

The smart thermostat installation work is done by technicians from air conditioning contractors in the communities where customers live. A third-party vendor selects the contractors and they are paid by the utility.

The program lasts until next summer, unless the money runs out before that. If more funding is available, plans call for offering the service for two more years, Jacot said. (Taxpayers (I mean “ratepayers”) should start watching their pocketbooks now! – TB)

The savings to home and business owners could be substantial, he noted.  (He forgot to “note“: Unless you factor in the higher taxes and electric rates to pay for the program. – TB)

“Hiring a contractor to come out and do the work and purchasing a thermostat could cost probably $500 to $1,000,” said Jacot. “The program is open to the entire city but we expect that the Valley will be the dominant geographic region.”

Participation in the program can reduce cooling costs from 20 percent to 30 percent and extend the life of the unit, according to the power company.

Program eligibility requirements:

•The central AC system must be at least one year old.

•The central AC system must be between 1 ton and 10 tons. Window, wall units, mini-split systems, and swamp coolers are not eligible.

•The central AC system must be operational.

•Renters are required to secure authorization from the property owner in order to participate in the program.

Applications can be filled out at or by telephone at 877-427-0418.

Once an application has been submitted, customers will be contacted within two business days to schedule an appointment.

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