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First – Don’t Get Stuck!
Don’t get STUCK with a bad real estate agent! You should be able to CANCEL THE LISTING AGREEMENT so that you are free to work with a different real estate agent. (Top 3 real estate agent complaints: Click Here)

Solution – Get a Signed Cancellation Form!
DO NOT list your house with any real estate agent who will not give you a SIGNED CANCELLATION FORM when you sign the listing agreement. A signed cancellation form is your guarantee that you will not get stuck with a “real estate agent lemon!”  Read More


Second – The Price is Right!
Your house must be priced correctly from day one. BEWARE of the real estate agent who tells you that your house will sell for an unrealistic price! Don’t be fooled by this unscrupulous agent!

Solution – Understand Neighborhood House Values!
Learn about “The Pricing Game” that many agents use to get your listing. Learn how this deceptive pricing game can hurt your bottom line. A good agent will clearly demonstrate a well reasoned pricing strategy. An agent who “sugar coats” the truth about your house’s value will cost you $$$!  Read More


Finally – Knowledge IS Power!
Know what to expect when your house is listed for sale. A knowledgeable seller helps a good real estate agent do a great job!

Solution – Have A Plan!
Any agent you hire must have a comprehensive Marketing Plan that outlines specific actions he or she will take to get your house sold. Know what to expect from your real estate agent BEFORE you sign a listing agreement!

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