Happy Holidays! (Time to Get Your BEST DEAL!)


I hope that you are enjoying your Chanukah
and that your Christmas shopping is finished! 

‘Tis the Season to Get the BEST DEAL on Your Real Estate Purchase!
There are a couple of reasons why the holiday season presents one of the best times to shop for real estate:

  1. With few exceptions, every house that is listed for sale during this time of the year is offered for sale by a “motivated seller”. Think about it – if the seller was not highly motivated they would wait until April or May to list their house for sale. This is the single most important factor for bargain holiday season house buying!
  2. Buyers (other buyers – not YOU – you are able to multi-task!) are focused on the holidays and are content to wait until spring to start looking for a new house. This means that only focused bargain hunter buyers (like you!) are shopping for houses.
  3. Interest rates remain at historically low rates.
Inventory Offered by MOTIVATED SELLERS + Distracted Competition + Low Interest Rates = A FANTASTIC BUYING OPPORTUNITY!

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Work With ONE Real Estate Agent to Get Your Best Deal!  Some people believe that “The more agents I work with the better chance I will have of finding a great house“.WRONG!  You will have a better chance of finding the right house, and getting the best deal, if you work with one real estate agent!

Work With One Real Estate Agent = The BEST Outcome!
Here’s why:
You Don’t Want a Salesperson!  If you are working with more than one real estate agent you will have a salesperson as a real estate agent and not a professional Realtor whose job it is to aggressively represent YOUR best interests.

A Salesperson Sells:  Your trusted real estate agent should help you negotiate a deal that is appropriate for the house you are interested in given the current market conditions.  If your agent does not feel that you are a loyal client he or she will try to SELL YOU A HOUSE

A salesperson will sell you a house for fear that if they don’t “sell you” you will buy another house from a different agent.

Relevant Real Estate Facts:

  • All licensed real estate agents belong to a local association and have access to the same inventory of available houses.
  • Unless a real estate agent has a “pocket listing”, one real estate agent will not be able to show you a house that any other real estate agent will not be able to show you.

One Agent is Best!  It is better for you to work with only one real estate agent.  Here’s why:

  • If you are working with multiple agents each agent is working for him or herself and will try to SELL YOU the house they are showing you so that you will not buy from another agent.  Your “trusted” real estate agent is now a salesperson!
  • One real estate agent will represent YOU diligently and will feel free to advise you with YOUR best interest as the primary focus.

Be A Loyal Client:  Here is what you get when your real estate agent feels secure with the relationship and feels that YOU ARE A LOYAL CLIENT:

  • Your agent will represent your best interests and make sure that you are getting an appropriate deal.
  • Your agent will feel comfortable telling you “this house is overpriced” or “this house has issues that make it less desirable” or “let’s write our offer this way and ask the seller to pay for that fee”.
  • Your agent will be a trusted representative and NOT a salesperson!

A Reasonable Conclusion:  I will not work with a client who is working with more than one real estate agent.  If I commit my time and energy to a client, I expect that my client will be loyal to me.  My business has grown, and it continues to grow, through referrals from past and present clients.  My clients refer me to their family and friends because they had a good experience with me and they know that they can trust me to act In My Client’s Best Interest All of the Time and Without Exception!

At Bregman Properties, whether you are buying OR selling, we will do whatever is necessary to make your real estate transaction a success!

Bregman Properties is your neighborhood specialist.  We are available to answer your questions, to provide advice and to negotiate your real estate transaction with your best interest as our primary focus.  We are always ready to provide you with outstanding representation for all of your real estate related needs.  “Experience the Difference”

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